Introducing Farm Comics

Farm Comics is a collaborative project that will be geared toward comic creation and the evolution of the medium in a digital environment. There are a couple of series that are in the works that will be explored in a classic comic strip and full page formats. All comics will be geared toward all ages from children to adults.

We hope to publish on a bi-weekly basis at least one episode across all the series. The current comic that is kicking off this endeavor is Asteriods, Inc, which involves Zinc and Stubon being sent into space to mine asteriods. The adventure will involve investigating the life of an asteriod miner through 1-3 page comedic episodes. There will be twists and turns that may arc into other series eventually.

The comics will be written, created and illustrated from people of all ages, “Asteriods, Inc” is an example of this as it was a collaboration between my son and I.

We look forward to hearing from you.